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Curtis and Roseanna are long time residents of the Yukon. They presently live in Whitehorse, Yukon with their three children. They enjoy all the outdoors the North has to offer and are actively involved in sports and the community.


Curtis has lived in Whitehorse for 40 years. His family moved to the Yukon 40 years ago, from British Columbia to work for a short period and enjoyed the North so much they stayed. Curtis and his father worked for many years in road construction, on development and expansion of the Alaska Highway.


Roseanna was born and raised in the Yukon. Her family has a long history in the North and has resided here for generations. Watson Lake, Yukon is named after her great grandfather, Frank Watson as he and his wife were original settlers to the area. They were witnesses to all of the economic developments in the North; the Klondike Gold Rush, Building of the Alaska Highway, etc. Roseanna has grown up and lived in many northern communities in the Yukon.


Roseanna has worked in various positions of Justice, Education, First Nations curriculum development in the Yukon.


Roseanna and Curtis would love to sit and talk to you about Yukon history, stories and events.


We welcome you to the north and hope you enjoy it as much as we do!



About Us


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